An Energetic Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Blue Champagne

Blue Champagne is an energetic sativa-dominant hybrid developed by a cross between famous Blue Dream and elegant Champagne Kush. This combination birthed a strain rich in sweet grassy flavors and fruity aroma.

Blue Champagne delivers a dreamy, yet balanced cerebral high making its effects manageable and optimal for daytime consumption. Though its sensations can be powerful, it is a remarkably agreeable strain for most users.

A sativa-dominant hybrid that is best consumed during the day. Blue Champagne has a blend of balanced sensations on the powerful but manageable end of the spectrum, so it’s a great choice for most users. The flower has a sweet, fruity perfume and a grassy flavor.

This active strain is optimal for daytime consumption. Blue Dream delivers dreamy cerebral effects that are mellowed out by Champagne Kush, resulting in a combination that regular consumers find suitable for their needs. The flower has a sweet, fruity aroma and a grassy flavor yielding heavy expansion. On the potent but manageable side, Blue Champagne is a definite candidate for your cannabis arsenal





Daytime Use