Numb to Any Pain, Without Numbing Your Brain

Golden Gelato

Golden Gelato is an indica-dominant hybrid made from a cross between the award-winning genetics of Thin Mint Sherbert and Kosher Skunk. Thanks to its parentage, it emits a pungent herbal and citrus aroma and features fruity, creamy flavors.

This strain hits you with an instant euphoric sensation, followed by an overall body relaxation. The result will leave you numb to any pain, without numbing your brain. When consumed in high doses, it can also act as a sedative for those suffering from insomnia. In lower doses, Golden Gelato can produce a feeling of mental stimulation, creating a higher level of productivity to get you through the day.

This is a THC powerhouse, so it is a perfect choice for medical and high tolerance consumers. We’ve struck gold with this strain and now you can too!”

Gelato + golden lemon = Thin Mint Sherbert x Kosher Skunk